Being a DJ to you is ? An Interview With DJ Xclusive & DJ Midnight!

IMG_2714In my generation music is a big factor in many young peoples lives, so I thought “why not write a story about youth on the come up in the music industry”?. Growing up in Brooklyn, NY, I have been around all races and have listened to all types of music and I love it. One thing I love about being from NY is the cultural aspect, it’s AMAZING! Sometimes I feel like a tourist in my own city. Being from NY, majority of the population are from the islands. So I grew up with a lot of caribbean friends and listened to a lot of reggae music to the point where I felt like I was from the islands myself. At every party IÔÇÖve went to since the age of 10, they have always played reggae music. Eventually,┬áreggae music grew on me and I fell in love with the music and partying with my friends. I always appreciated the DJÔÇÖs because they make the parties fun! Two of my very own friends are DJÔÇÖs themselves and I had the pleasure of interviewing them and learning about DJ’ng through their eyes.

Carlyle Michel, 21, Canarsie,Brooklyn,NY

Jaukia McConeyhead: Why did you start DJÔÇÖing?

Carlyle Michel: I love music a lot, theres alot of people that say that they love music but they donÔÇÖt really understand the art.

Jaukia McConeyhead: Is it a passion or a side-hustle ?

Carlyle Michel: A passion. At first it was a hustle then you start to love it.

Jaukia McConeyhead: How old were you when you DJ’d your first event ?

Carlyle Michel : Sophomore year of High School; 16 yrs old.

Jaukia McConeyhead: What are the pros and cons of DJ’ng ?

Carlyle Michel: Pros: 1.Meeting new people,2. Get your name out there,3. Fanbase,4. Enjoying watching people party. Cons: 1. Carrying equipment,2. People constantly asking to you to play a certain song.

Jaukia McConeyhead: Where do you want this to lead you ?

Carlyle Michel: Hopefully into the music industry. Producing, doing it all.

Jaukia McConeyhead: Is this the only passion that you have ?

Carlyle Michel: No. Physical therapy, Coaching basketball,Sports, being a basketball player, personal trainer.

Jaukia McConeyhead: Where do you see yourself in 5 years ?

Carlyle Michel: Finally in the music industry.

Jaukia McConeyhead: Do you know the steps to becoming a successful DJ?

Carlyle Michel: Yes, having a fanbase is a must!

Jaukia McConeyhead: Who is your biggest inspiration ?

Carlyle Michel: Chris Brown,dance, and my dad. He is a Dominican DJ.

Jaukia McConeyhead; Thank you Carlyle!

Gilan Serrant, 21, Canarsie, Brooklyn

Jaukia McConeyhead: What is your nationality ?

Gilan Serrant: Dominican

Jaukia McConeyhead:Why did you start DJÔÇÖng?

Gilan Serrant: My dad; heÔÇÖs a DJ himself!

Jaukia McConeyhead: Have you networked through DJÔÇÖing ?

Gilan Serrant: Yes! I actually met a lot of great people.

Jaukia McConeyhead: What word of advice would you have given to yourself when you first started ?

Gilan Serrant: Don’t be afraid to do anything! And do events for free.

Jaukia McConeyhead: What are other passions of yours?

Gilan Serrant: Electrical engineering,Basketball, and my family (little brothers).

Jaukia McConeyhead: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Gilan Serrant: Grinding, satisfied in my career with a degree in engineering, working in the engineering field. Having my own family.

Jaukia McConeyhead: Who is your biggest inspiration?

Gilan Serrant: Will Smith. He reminds me of myself. Fresh Prince is my favorite show. I watch a lot of his motivational speeches. He also has a nice family.

Jaukia McConeyhead: What DJ would you want to collaborate with?

Gilan Serrant: DJ Jazzy Jeff.

Jaukia McConeyhead: WhoÔÇÖs your biggest music inspiration?

Gilan Serrant: Rick Ross at first, but now it would have to be French Montana.

Jaukia McConeyhead: Thank you Gil!



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