Jaukia McConeyhead - July 10, 2016

Flight Night 2016 Presents: A Convo With HOA BOSSMAN

FullSizeRenderUp-and- coming Brooklyn artist HOA Bossman, who was recently featured in The Source, VICE,┬áMTV, and more, has dropped several independent mix tapes. Some of his latest music projects┬áinclude ÔÇ£11ÔÇØ, ÔÇ£BossquiatÔÇØ, & ÔÇ£Now or Never,ÔÇØ which have all made headlines in current media.His fire ambition, savvy style, dedicated work ethic make him top contender for creating hit tracks.

1) What is Rap to you?

Rap is an expression form of a dialect a way to communicate without rap there would be no me.Rap is the most important thing we have to extend our message to one another and it is the most relatable thing in literature and in music and in my eyes.

2) What was your childhood aspiration?

A kid wrestler. I really loved wrestling and I also wanted to be a basketball player. I also had an interest in cartoons. Around 7 I knew I wanted to be a creator and create cool and new things just become a mix of any and everything. When I was 9 I saw a Run D.M.C performance and my dad use to build stages. So I had the chance to see them perform live and from then I knew whatever they did I wanted to do. Rapper, wrestler and musician a creator all in one.

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