Jaukia McConeyhead - July 14, 2016

Flight Night 2016 Presents: A Convo With MARLON CRAFT

MCMarlon Craft is a 23 year old emcee from Hells Kitchen, New York City. One year after college he decided to pursue a sustainable career in the music industry, and so far it looks like his dream will be coming true!

Check out our interview with Marlon Craft below!

Make sure to come out to Flight Night 2016 TONIGHT at 8PM!

1) What is rap to you?

Marlon Craft: Rap to me is an art of the bond between the emcee and word play. Hip hop to me is self expression and social resistance coming together for people to speak up about the status quo while expressing themselves through rapping.

2) What were your childhood aspirations?

Marlon Craft: As a child I wanted to be a college basketball player. I always played ball and I played seriously for a while. Being a rapper is something I really wanted to do. I wanted to do something that would have a greater positive impact on the world.


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