admin - June 21, 2016

HereÔÇÖs A First Look At The Nike KD 9 Launch Colorways

Via Nike

Nike Basketball and designer Leo Chang continue to grow and adapt to Kevin Durant’s footwear needs as his game continues to evolve. The latest entry in his signature series, the KD 9, comes fitted with Flywire and Zoom Air, two technologies known for their lightweight, lockdown approach and their ability to react to meet the demands rigorous on-court play.

ÔÇ£My interests have changed, my game has changed and this is a perfect shoe for who I am now.”

For the first time, KD’s kicks will feature Flywire to lock down the forefoot while still allowing the foot to move naturally. ÔÇ£The upper allows me to shift to the right and come back to my left really quick and pull up on a dime,” Durant explained. The honeycomb structure of the knit is intended to keep the shoe light without sacrificing strength in the process. The Zoom Air unit runs from heel to toe to provide maximum bounce with each foot strike and jump.

I’ve always loved how none of Durant’s sigs look like the same. They may share a few similarities from model to model, but they’re never dead-on identical and that continues from the 8 to the 9. Aesthetically, the new joints are more distinct that their predecessor. The layers of mesh will create plenty of unique color options, something which KD’s line has been known for. Plus, that visible Zoom Air has the same visual appeal as it does on the new Zoom All Out, only to a slightly lesser degree.

One other big change in store for Durant’s line that buyer’s will approve of is the retail price. The new model will begin at $150, perhaps in response to the shift in the footwear market that saw a reported decline in basketball shoe sales with major retailers like Foot Locker as buyers’ wants shift to more athlesiure footwear. More specifically, the kicks attached to LeBron and Durant ÔÇ£proved the most challengingÔÇØ for Foot Locker in comparison to other models like Steph Curry’s Under Armour kicks and Jordans. Knocking down the price is a wise first step towards righting the ship.

Nike has already started rolling the new model to stores as the ‘Zero’ or ‘Pre-Heat’ version dropped in limited quantities this past weekend. Upcoming colorways include the ‘Premiere’ in white/blue/red and the ‘Mic Drop’ in black/white that will follow in the weeks to come.

(Via Nike Basketball)