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Jonny HopkinsÔÇÖ ÔÇ£Lord Of The DabsÔÇØ [Audio] No ratings

Hailing from Hollywood, Florida, stoner rapper and marijuana legalization advocate, Jonny Hopkins, drops off his Lord Of The Dabs mixtape.

The projectÔÇÖs title is a byproduct of the popular stoner culture practice, the act of dabbing–a process in which smokers inhale the purest concentrate of THC. Crowning himself the DabLord, Jonny Hopkins laces fans with 13 tracks of burn-friendly jams as well as awareness anthems, an attempt to change public attitudes towards the much-talked-about social issue. Jonny hopes to shed light on the positive benefits of marijuana and its many uses like medicine, paper, fuel, lotion, food, fiber, and more. By the conclusion of the tapeÔÇÖs outro, ÔÇ£Legalize It,ÔÇØ listeners will be left with an urge to get out and vote for the green leaf to become legal. In addition to Soundcloud, the project is also available for free download here!

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