admin - June 24, 2016

Kid Cudi Goes Psychotic On His New Track, ÔÇÿGoodbyeÔÇÖ

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Kid Cudi is working on two albums at once, and hasn’t stopped giving the fans some teasers. He’s like the guy in the supermarket offering free samples in hopes you’re going to buy into what he’s selling. The only difference is Cudi is making it work. Nobody is telling him, “this is good but I might pick it up later.” That becomes even more the case with “Goodbye.”

This WZRD-produced track is paranoid Cudi. He’s psychotic and doesn’t give a damn what anybody thinks. To illustrate this point before he starts to spit, there’s an audio clip from Juice. The infamous “I am crazy, but you know what else? I don’t give a fuck” line. Just to mess with our minds, the song goes off after the first verse for a dramatic pause. Don’t click that stop button. He’s popping back up.

“I’m just livin’ Tryna stay outta trouble, minding my own The angels they protect me from the horror in my dome I don’t wanna have to tell you again friend Please, leave a real n**** alone”

No telling if this record will live on Passion, Pain and Demon Slayin’. If the rest of the album goes in this direction, get your Cudi is back t-shirts ready.