admin - June 20, 2016

Kim Kardashian CanÔÇÖt Get Enough Of Kanye WestÔÇÖs Daddy Duties: ÔÇ£CouldnÔÇÖt Ask For A Better HusbandÔÇØ

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian has shown some love to hip-hop husband Kanye West following this past Father’s Day.

Kim K went to Instagram late Sunday (June 19) to reveal how much she cares for her high-profile hubby.

Earlier this month, Kim K publicly dished out how much Ye has meant to her.

Recently, Kanye talked about changing his marital status in his raps.

“Being married is not a normal rap topic … I always had this perspective of all these go to’s I could talk about with this girl, that girl … When you do have parameters to rap in, like Eminem couldn’t say the N-word and it forced him to think of every word possible. Now he’s one of the greatest rappers.” (Real 92.3)

Last month, KimYe celebrated their two-year wedding anniversary.

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