admin - June 24, 2016

Listen To DJ Jazzy JeffÔÇÖs 2016 Remix Of His ÔÇÿSummertimeÔÇÖ Classic With The Fresh Prince

If you’ve been cranking the air conditioning and lifting the back of your shirt when driving to avoid sweat stains, you’ve probably noticed summer is in full effect. More than likely, you’ve probably also heard DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince’s “Summertime” staple more than a few times too.

For those of us who actually skip the track for fear of running the 1991 smash single into the ground any further, Philly’s most famous DJ decided to offer a refreshing update to the track via a brand new PLAYList remix.

While keeping Will Smith’s smooth, unforgettable lyrics untouched, Jazz adds some oomph to the original instrumental from Hula & K. Fingers in multiple ways, with help from British producer Eric Lau. First, the drum kit definitely has an added snap that stands out immediately. From there, the heat magnet is smoothed out by more structural effects, added sprinkles of female vocals and more overall waviness – all of which are additions that definitely feel appropriate in 2016.

No matter how played out the original version is, it’s still hard to top. Still, this one freshened up the record and didn’t step on any toes along the way. That’s both a success and great way to surprise friends at summer BBQs.