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Lost Prophet of the Week: Kimbo Slice ÔÇô ÔÇ£Legacies Are Built While Born Leaders Are The CreatorsÔÇØ

[With hip-hop’s new elite of artists like Kendrick Lamar and Joey Bada$$ bringing self-awareness to the rap game, SOHH correspondent Kheron Blue highlights his “Lost Prophet” of the week. Today’s pick: Kimbo Slice.]

Legacies are built while born leaders are the creators.

The creators are the innovators and the start of a promising future. While they rest in peace we are suppose to make sure they don’t rest in vain and that their reign lives on.

Whether if it was through music or athleticism, they’ve all inspired someone to awaken that inner potential and become just as motivated and driven as their idols.

It is valuable that we profit by gaining the wisdom to become prophets in our own light and spread the word and the energy to illuminate that spark in others.

They’ve already become one with the universe so the essence and aura roams freely and they will be remembered forever.

R.I.P Muhammad Ali, Prince and Kimbo Slice amongst many others legends. It’s because of people like you that lost prophets exist.

What is a Lost Prophet?

The “Lost Prophet” concept comes from the realization that we aren’t perfect and we don’t have all the answers. However it doesn’t mean that we can’t make an impact on this world based on the talents we were blessed with or the knowledge we obtain to spread the wisdom. Being “lost” means we were born into a world with limited answers but endless questions. So it’s up to us to find ourselves and what makes us important to adding to the positive energy of the universe. Some people find themselves through music. Others find themselves through sports.etc. We were all created different to fulfill our own unique purpose. That’s where the concept of a prophet comes in.

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