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Move Over Blue Ivy & North West, Coline CreuzotÔÇÖs Daughter Has A ÔÇ£Huge PersonalityÔÇØ You CanÔÇÖt Deny

[With hip-hop stars Jay Z and Kanye West’s daughters turning into viral celebrity stars, R&B singer Coline Creuzot talks to SOHH about her daughter taking over her social media.]

My daughter likes to play with my phone and play with the filters but I donÔÇÖt post her everywhere, I just save them to my camera roll.

She is a mess. She has a huge personality and is just the sweetest baby. SheÔÇÖs also very content and very funny. SheÔÇÖs got a great voice and hums all the time.

She loves [traveling with me]. SheÔÇÖs a good road dog. She travels everywhere with me. She goes to rehearsals and sheÔÇÖs in the studio. SheÔÇÖs going to be a mess.

WeÔÇÖre H-Town at heart, always, but she was born here in Los Angeles and we spend a lot of time going back to Houston. She does have that, those Houston roots.

SheÔÇÖs had cowboy boots since before she was born and she has the best of both worlds.

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