admin - June 24, 2016

Rap Vet Cormega Hails Lil B: ÔÇ£I Asked For You To Bless The KnicksÔÇØ

New York rap veteran Cormega has come forward Friday (June 24) to thank California rapper Lil B for giving his hometown Knicks a very big blessing.

Mega went to Instagram to shout out the Based God for showing support toward his NYK.

Lil B went to Instagram Thursday (June 23) and said he would take away his “Based God” curse from free agent Kevin Durant if he signed with the Knicks.

In late May, Based God acknowledged the impact his mythical curse could have on KD’s free agency.

Recently, the Bay Area rapper trolled Kevin Durant after the Golden State Warriors beat his Oklahoma City Thunder in the Western Conference Finals.

One step closer. #StrengthInNumbers

— GoldenStateWarriors (@warriors) May 31, 2016

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