admin - June 21, 2016

Skyzoo Shows Fans HeÔÇÖs ÔÇÿRealer Than MostÔÇÖ On The Other Guys New Track

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Fans last heard from Skyzoo on 2015ÔÇÖs excellent Music For My Friends. The Brooklyn native has been quiet on the scenes since then, but jumped back into the fray in a major way courtesy of The Other GuyÔÇÖs ÔÇ£Realer Than Most.ÔÇØ The song is a single off The Other GuyÔÇÖs LP Life In Analog.

The song is trademark Skylar, packed with the slick lyricism the other half of the Barrel Brothers is known for. The beat is lush and guaranteed to keep heads nodding. The second verse is a standout, finding Sky going deep in his bag to show much being a stand-up guys means to him.

Not easy to come by, but easy to run to But canÔÇÖt a soul alive teach you how to run through Shit ainÔÇÖt happen yet, and shit it wonÔÇÖt never Word to the right hand being my Co-retta A lot of word too, if I put my word to Know that itÔÇÖs bond, like the year that I word through

Life In Analog is set to be released on July 22nd. The album is now available for pre-order, which will give listeners a free download of ÔÇ£Realer Than MostÔÇØ and the albumÔÇÖs other single, ÔÇ£For My People.ÔÇØ