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Snoop Dogg Prot├®g├® Heebz Street IsnÔÇÖt Joining Any NBA Bandwagons: ÔÇ£IÔÇÖm Very LoyalÔÇØ

[With the NBA Finals over with, DoggyStyle Records’ Heebz Street talks sports with SOHH and why his New Jersey roots won’t let him join any bandwagons.]

The way I am with sports and just in general, IÔÇÖm very loyal.

It upset me that the Nets left New Jersey but at the end of the day, Brooklyn is not a horrible spot. Shout-out to Brooklyn.

IÔÇÖm a fan of [former Nets minority owner] Jay Z. HovÔÇÖs the man. So I canÔÇÖt really be too mad. If they had to move somewhere, I canÔÇÖt really complain that itÔÇÖs Brooklyn.

As far as the New York Giants, I think [wide receiver] Victor Cruz is going to make a comeback. IÔÇÖm a huge fan of his too coming out of Paterson, New Jersey. They have murals of him throughout.

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