admin - June 21, 2016

Steph CurryÔÇÖs Stats Dropped in Nearly Every Prominent Category After His Shoes Dropped

Okay, firstly, we tried really hard not to buy into Curry Two-mania. Sure, it made for a hilarious social media moment, and Steph Curry being pressed about the shoes at a postgame press conference was yet another win for millennial Twitter, but the fallout really meant nothing. In fact, the guy that designed the shoes got a contract extension. The hype, or lack thereof, for the low-top Curry Two “Chef” Under Armour shoes was good for everybody involved. UA had never seen such hoopla surrounding a footwear release, and it came on the eve of its star athlete’s biggest moment. Two-time NBA Champion. Right?

Wrong. LeBron James reminded everyone that he’s the best player in the world, and turned in consecutive 41-point performances, then a title-clinching triple-double to help a maniacal Kyrie Irving bring the Cavs back from a 3-1 deficit to deliver Cleveland its first title in over a half-century. So, how does that saying go. “Must be the shoes?” The hilarious folks at SB Nation did a little study, and as it turns out, coincidence or not, it really just might have been the shoes.

After Under Armour revealed the new kicks, Steph Curry averaged 1 more point per game, but saw his numbers dwindle in assists, rebounds, 3-point field goal percentage, 2-point field goal percentage, steals, and more. This might be the basketball shoe world’s version of the Madden cover.

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