admin - June 23, 2016

The Legend Of Tarzan: ÔÇ£HollywoodÔÇÖs Biggest Acts Are All In Here!ÔÇØ

Are you ready to get summer started on the right foot? Tired of staying inside when everyone is out doing fun things? Need to see the hottest summer blockbuster before your classmates/co-workers?

Today, check out the top five reasons you should go and see “The Legend of Tarzan” when it arrives in theaters Friday, July 1st! [Make sure to peep each reason to see an advanced screening Wednesday, June 29th in Houston/Dallas/Los Angeles/New York City!]

Reason 1: Summer Is Finally Here

The first reason you should stop everything you’re doing and go see “The Legend of Tarzan” Friday, July 1st is because it’s officially summer! You know, the time of year when the best, action-packed movies come out? Last year there were all of those unbelievable superhero flicks (some which followed a little too close to the clich├®ness of Hollywood) and what better way to get down with the original hero of heros? Tarzan! The weather is only going to get hotter and hotter, so treat yourself to the season by seeing the coolest (get it, hot/cool?) movie coming to theaters!

Check out the other reasons and enter to win your screening passes for the Wednesday, July 29th showings in Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles and New York City. CLICK HERE!

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