admin - June 24, 2016

Tru Life Releases His First Post-Prison Single ÔÇÿBag For ItÔÇÖ With Rick Ross And Velous

Tru Life got out of prison in April and quietly went to work. Choosing to do the opposite of what Gucci Mane did, Tru hit the streets and networked. He’s been seen with Wiz Khalifa, and surprisingly Jay Z, who he was once signed to. Instead of dropping a new song right out the gate, he waited for whatever reason. It kept the people who are checking for his music eager to hear if he still got it. “Bag for It,” featuring assistance from Rick Ross and Velous, is a strong indicator that he does.

If there’s one thing to say about “Bag for It,” it’s that Tru Life is aiming for that radio look without compromising his sound. He’ll likely get a lot of play in New York too. Having a look from Rick Ross and a hot hook from Velous helps.

With a new project and a documentary in the works, will we see Tru Life capture the buzz he had before he caught the charge?