Twelve’Len Enlists Denzel Curry on New Single ‘Lady Draco’

Twelvelen Denzel Curry Lady Draco

Another collab, another hit for longtime friends and frequent collaborators Twelve’Len and Denzel Curry.  The South Florida tandem has unleashed yet another spirited single by way of last night’s release Lady Draco.   

This fiery new single showcases the duo’s shared love for gritty, experimental soundscapes and hard-hitting rhymes.  Twelve’Len, known for his eclectic blend of R&B, rock, soul, and hip-hop sets the tone with a chopped-and-screwed style hook.  His verses dance over the beat’s sultry strings, presented in a hybrid rapping-singing style.  Twelve'Len Denzel Curry

A subtle beat change ushers in Denzel, whose rapid-fire flow and unmistakable delivery build nice contrast with Twelve’Len’s glossy vocals.  “No love when a person is envious and for the insecure, remain the impotent/I always been in the midst of it and from the gist of it, I do not give a shit.”  As anticipated, stellar flow and lyrical prowess mark another exciting Curry feature.  

The track is a perfect blend of Twelve’Len’s soulful vocals and Denzel Curry’s raw energy, a timeless fusion of two versatile artists.  The result is a compelling and powerful musical experience that captures the essence of their individual artistry while also creating something new and fresh.

Twelve’Len and Curry are no strangers to working together, most notably on 2018 hit 13LACK 13ALLONZ, which also featured GoldLink. But Lady Draco marks a new chapter in their creative partnership, exhibiting artistic growth, and a willingness to experiment with different sounds and styles.    

Twelve’Len will host a release party at Proper Studio in Wynwood this Friday to celebrate the release.  Tickets are available here.  

With its vibrant beat, catchy hook, and explosive verses Lady Draco is a definite must-listen that pushes the boundaries of alternative hip-hop/ R&B. 

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