Mazon: A Rising Artist of Modern Hip-Hop from Harrisburg, PA Performing in His Hometown at the Flight Night Music Festival on June 22

In the vibrant world of modern hip-hop, Mazon captures the essence of the genre with a distinctive blend of authenticity and innovative...

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25 Powerful Hip Hop Songs for Father’s Day From Nas, Eminem, Kanye West, J Cole and More

Father’s Day is a time to honor the fathers and father figures who have made a lasting impact in our lives. Hip hop artists, known...

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Rising Star: Lady Shakespeare Set to Shine in the Rap Scene

With a moniker as evocative as Lady Shakespeare, expectations are naturally high, but this burgeoning rapper has swiftly proven she’s...

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12 independent hip hop artists you should know

Discover 12 independent hip hop artists you should know from our blog '12 independent hip hop artists you should know'.

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9 Years Ago Today Kalief Browder Committed Suicide: Powerful Tribute Song from Kota the Friend Keeps Browder’s Story Alive

On June 6th, a date marked by tragedy, with the suicide of Kalief Browder, who was the victim of a system that has failed him and many...

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The Essential Link Between Marketing, Ticket Sales, and Fanbase Growth for Independent Hip Hop Artists

In the music industry, particularly in the vibrant world of hip hop, carving out a niche as an independent artist can be as thrilling as it...

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On this Day 14 Years Ago Nicki Minaj Released the Hit Single “Your Love”

Fourteen years ago today, Nicki Minaj released “Your Love,” a single that would become one of the defining tracks of her early...

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Official Music Video Drop for Memorial Day Titled ‘Vietnam” by KOTA the Friend

On Memorial Day, Brooklyn’s own hip hop artist and producer, Kota the Friend, unveiled his latest music video for...

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How Artist Branding Shapes the Independent Hip-Hop Culture

Discover the impact of artist branding on independent hip-hop culture in our blog 'How Artist Branding Shapes the Independent Hip-Hop...

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A Guide to Starting an Independent Hip Hop Record Label

Embark on your journey into the hip-hop scene with key insights on starting independent record labels in our guide 'A Beginner’s Guide to...

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