New Album Release: Ace Clark “The Good Fight”

IMG_0002 (1)Ace Clark is not your average “know it all” emcee. Instead of making you feel like you can’t and will never get on his level, he raps like he’s one of your dearest friends encouraging you to push forward. The Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn native’s positive persona is the result of growing up with hardships that only a strong-willed person could overcome. At 23 years old, Ace sounds like he is humbly on his way to figuring out the secret to living a happy life.

The Good Fight is an album for everyone. Ace provides feel good, quality music without the use of profanity or derogatory statements. With collaborations from artists Nitty Scott, MC, Dyme A Duzin, Skyzoo, and the legendary Alice Clark, each track tells a story of hope and triumph. We spoke to Ace and received insight on the significance of four of our favorite tracks on the album, as well as the process of bringing the album to life. You can also watch a mini documentary on Ace as well as listen to his debut album below!

Ladies and gents, we present to you, The Good Fight.



Ace: “Growin Up Fast” was inspired by “Momma Used To Say” by Junior. “Momma Used To Say” is one of my favorite songs of all time along with Carl Carlton‘s “Bad Mama Jama” and Mark Morrison‘s “Return Of The Mack”.

Ace: I reached out to Skyzoo on “Who Am I?” because he was one of the reasons why my brother Amir stopped selling crack. I wanted to be able to reach people and leave that effect, so I approached Sky for the assist and the rest was history.

Ace: The hook on “Melanin” was a hook I’ve sung for over a year just to motivate myself and it wasn’t supposed to make the project, but my heart kept saying people need to hear it.

Ace: The production for “Impossible” was literally done in a kitchen at my producer Nate’s house, he literally had keyboards set up on the dinner table because we didn’t have the money or space to work anywhere else at the time. The beat was created in 2013.

The Making Of The Album:
Ace: Over 40 beats were in the running, but ultimately 12 made the cut and the Intro was crafted a day before my final mastering session. The album was written and recorded over a 3 month span while I’ve collected beats and ideas for over the last year.

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