Jack Carenza - March 14, 2023

Kota the Friend, Statik Selektah Drop Second Album Single, ‘One Life’

Kota the Friend and Statik Selektah have released One Life, the sensational second single from their upcoming collab album “To See a Sunset”. 

With its ethereal chords, jazzy piano, and powerful lyrics, the duo continues its uncanny cohesion on tracks that move the culture forward.  Following the formula of late February hit Real Ones, Kota and Statik continue their musical synergy on One Life, pairing soulful instrumentation with top-tier bars.  

“We only have one life, so we should live it the best way possible.  It doesn’t matter if you’re super successful or barely making it, just understand that it’s the one life that you have, so make the best of it.” – Kota the Friend

Both Kota and Statik have embodied this message on their musical journey, consistently making music that truly touches the soul.  Kota’s impeccable delivery and inspiring lyricism once again present messages of authenticity and motivation through life’s inevitable challenges.  He is at his very best when balancing impactful bars with precise punchlines.  

“Excuse me while I take a quick polaroid./Told her I would rather be with you like I’m Souljah Boy./Everywhere we go got views, she is overjoyed./Love to see her smile, this energy cancels all the noise.”

Kota describes one of those moments that lasts forever with a special person, an experience that we all hopefully experience at some point.  And balances that sentiment with some fire wordplay with the Souljah Boy reference.  Similar bars are commonplace on One Life, and accentuated further by Statik’s dazzling production.  

In the midst of their album rollout, Kota and Statik announced two Album Release parties this week.  One in NYC: 3/22/23 – SOB’s, and a second in LA: 3/26/23 – Viper RoomBoth events will feature a DJ set by Statik Selektah and “some raps” from Kota the Friend.

 As excitement for To See a Sunset continues to build, fans should take advantage of the opportunity to join these two hip-hop legends in celebrating the release of another potent album.