Jack Carenza - October 30, 2023

Wale the Sage to Perform with Kota the Friend in LA & Chicago

FLTBYS have announced that rapper Wale the Sage is set to perform alongside Kota the Friend and Price at the Los Angeles and Chicago stops of the Flowers For My Friends Tour

“This feels like a full circle moment for me because I’ve admired Kota’s artistry for years, so it’s an absolute honor to get to join the tour and share the same stage as him.” Wale the Sage

Born and raised in Nigeria, the Pick Six Records signee is known for his expressive lyricism and authentic delivery. Without a doubt, his journey to America for college marked a turning point in his life. Music became his solace and means of expression during a trying period when his mother fell ill. Now, based in Atlanta, Wale the Sage brings a distinctive perspective to the stage. Overall, he decisively approaches complex topics with bars that are equal parts relatable and profound, as demonstrated through February 2023 debut EP Running From Time

Running From Time

Running From Time stands as a masterclass of songwriting and substance. It delves into a wide array of subjects, ranging from the immigration experience to challenging societal norms regarding men expressing their emotions. Opting for a solo endeavor without any featured artists, Wale the Sage exhibits fearlessness in addressing these pivotal topics, showcasing a superb variety in his craft.

With vocal tendencies that shift seamlessly from the staccato, rapid-fire delivery of tracks like 2.22 to a beautifully sung performance on the EP’s title track, it’s impossible to confine Wale the Sage to a single style. Moreover, his penchant for diverse instrumentation adds an extra layer of depth. Running From Time demonstrates great maturity and nuance, particularly in the meticulous selection of beats. Although there’s a clear emphasis on soulful sounds, the EP showcases a well-rounded musicality.

The Tour

Kota the Friend’s ‘Flowers For My Friends’ tour has already been a resounding success. It has connected deeply with sold-out audiences from Pittsburgh to Dallas, DC to Tampa.  Kota’s performance of songs from across his discography has treated fans to a comprehensive journey through his artistry.

Kota the Friend

Don’t miss out on catching Wale The Sage alongside Kota the Friend at the Los Angeles and Chicago stops. This collaboration is sure to be another highlight on the path of an already remarkable tour. Tickets are available at https://kotathefriend.com/tour/.