Jack Carenza - July 28, 2023

Kota the Friend Drops NYC Summer Pack ’23

Brooklyn independent emcee Kota the Friend refuses to cool off this summer, returning less than a month after the release of Protea with a fresh 3-pack EP titled NYC Summer Pack ’23. 

Sonically, this new release channels the energy and excitement of summer in New York City. Condensing it into an upbeat, danceable and energetic medley. 

The NYC Summer Pack ’23 is the first installment of a new series, similar to my Lyrics to Go series. I randomly had an idea to create short EPs for each season, starting with Summer 2023. Everything I do is purposeful, and I thought it would be cool to curate a soundtrack for every season. The NYC Summer Pack ’23 is heavily influenced by the weekend day party scene in NYC. I made songs that captured that vibe. Every seasonal pack will have its own unique energy, vibe, and genre.” -Kota the Friend

Alongside this exciting release, last week Kota his upcoming “Flowers For My Friends Tour,” which promises to be an unforgettable experience for fans across North America.

NYC Summer Pack

As intended, the new EP truly does capture the enthralling notes of summer. Track 1, Sunday in Soho, exemplifies that energy perfectly. From the moment the song starts, the upbeat and rhythmic beat sets the perfect backdrop for a sunny day out in New York City. The track’s production is lively and dynamic, featuring a catchy loop that creates an irresistible groove that makes you want to dance along.

Kota’s delivery Sunday in Soho is smooth and confident, flowing effortlessly over the lively instrumentation. His signature laid-back style complements the uptempo beat, adding to the song’s overall charm. The verses are filled with clever wordplay and witty lines that showcase, as always, immense storytelling prowess. The lyrics paint a picture of a perfect summer day in Soho, with Kota and his crew enjoying the city’s vibrancy and camaraderie. Lines like “Sunday in Soho, on this island, we just dancing, we just vibin‘” encapsulate the carefree and joyous spirit of the moment.

Sunday in Soho and track 3, It’s Your Day see Kota catch assists from frequent collaborator Hello O’shay, who once again adds just the right amount of added texture to these tracks. Meanwhile, the second track, True Fantasy is a bit less carefree, looking at the concept of moving past mistakes, or hard periods in our lives, but doing so by holding tight to the right person. In addition to Kota’s powerful verses, he gets dope vocal contributions from Jason Martin and Section Too

Flowers For My Friends Tour

Following the release of NYC Summer Pack ’23, Kota the Friend is all set to hit the road with his Flowers For My Friends Tour. The 20-date tour, produced by Live Nation, kicks off on October 20th in Pittsburgh, PA, at the Roxian Theatre. The tour will feature several stops across major Canadian and U.S. cities, including Atlanta, Los Angeles, Vancouver, and more, before concluding on November 25th in New York at Irving Plaza. Tickets are available for sale at kotathefriendtour.com

Kota the Friend Flowers For My Friends Tour

Kota has once again captured the essence of the summer with new EP NYC Summer Pack ‘23, setting the stage for an unforgettable autumn tour.