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50 Cent Hints At How Deadly “Power’s” Kanan Will Be In Season 4

G-Unit boss 50 Cent might take his level of evil up a whole ‘nother notch when “Power” returns next year. The rapper-turned-TV star has teased fans about his on-screen character Kanan’s savageness.

Fif went to Instagram this week and gave “Power” heads a scary vision for fictional character Tariq St. Patrick.

“Power” executive producer Courtney Kemp recently talked about what fans could expect from season four.

“I’d say the death of Ghost is coming, I wouldn’t say it’s this ending. I’d say the death of Ghost is coming, though, it’s approaching,” Kemp said when asked if Ghost’s season three arrest figuratively represented his death. “We’re going to see Angela actually try to become a decent prosecutor again. She’s wrong right now, but she’s in the place of righteousness. And then Tasha is really going to have to re-evaluate what it means to take care of her family. We’ve seen her over the last year take care of that family on the criminal side, really be in the drug world.” (Deadline)

Kemp also said fans would see a lot more from “Power” star Rotimi’s character.

“Dre really steps into this incredibly ambitious, almost to what I’d say, I call him Baby Ghost. In Season 4 we see a lot of this, we see Baby Ghost emerge. It’s because just as with Ghost and Tommy, and they got rid of Kanan, they murdered Breeze and then they grew into themselves. Well, Ghost is arrested and it gives Dre an opportunity to grow, not only in the clubs but in the drug business, so that’s one aspect.” (Deadline)

Last weekend’s “Power” finale reportedly broke records for the Starz network.

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