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Cam’ron Names His All-Time Fave Jay Z Verse [Video]

Dipset leader Cam’ron still has love for his one-time rap foe Jay Z. The New York native recently revealed his fave Young Hov verse.

In a new interview, Killa Cam cited a verse off Jay’s In My Lifetime as one of his favorite set of hip-hop bars.

“One of my favorite verses—besides all of my rhymes—is probably one of Jay Z’s verses before Jay Z had an album out,” explains Cam. “I think the song was called ‘In My Lifetime.’ It says, ‘I don’t hassle with capsules, ‘cuz that don’t make the cash grow/And make a project ni**a get paid out the asshole/If I’mma risk a frisk, gettin’ my wrists wrapped up in steel/I’m out here trying to make a mill, my shit is real for real.” (This Is 50)

According to Cam’s Facebook page, his upcoming Killa Season 2 album will come out this fall.

In a recent interview, Cam announced his album Killa Pink would come out before Christmas.

“In November, when I put out my new album it’s called Killa Pink – and then I got the Reebok 2’s, the Flea 2’s, is gonna be made in pony skin with Killa Pink also.” (Complex)

In May, Cam shared a clip and tossed some hints at a new project being underway.

“N*gga, it’s album time – I know we in the album [mode] but it’s fabric season. That’s why I’m schooling this n*gga right here because when it’s fabric – it’s Killa time right now. We doing the album so I gotta get my groove. Pardon the fabrics though.”

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