Flight Night 2016 Presents: A Convo With KERRY BLU

kkKerry Blu is a new-school cat with an old-school groove. With his live band, warm presence, and catchy lyrics, he’s sure to win over the crowd during Flight Night!

Check out our brief convo with Kerry below!

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1) What are you looking forward to the most at Flight Night?

Kerry B.: The spirit. The tradition. The energy that pulsates through the crowd as you’re about to take the stage. It’s love at the end of the day. It always has been, and that’s unchanged.

2) What do you think your fans will take away from your performance that night?

Kerry B.: I hope they see the musical growth, the growth of me as an artist and most importantly as a man. I hope the music and messages resonates with each person, and prompts them to consider different ways of thinking and looking at this thing we call life.

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