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Joe Budden Has 2 Reasons Why HeÔÇÖs Not Hurting For DrakeÔÇÖs $10,000

Slaughterhouse’s Joe Budden has stepped forward to address the commotion he erupted after revealing rap rival Drake bet him $10,000 he could not release 25 diss songs before next week.

Joey went to Twitter to explain why he’s not worried about Drizzy’s pricey gamble.

This week, Budden revealed Drake hit him up on social media with direct messages and presented him with a $10,000 challenge.

“I won’t tell you what it said verbatim in case I have to put it out. I’m only not putting it out because I’m a real n*gga. So you just don’t move like that. You don’t screenshot men. You just don’t do that. I’m not going to do it with women, I’m not going to do it with men. … He started off with, ‘I would like to formally invite you to one of my four Madison Square Garden shows, August 4th, you and however many people you would like to bring. Period. Right? Then after that it said, ‘Oh, I bet you can’t release 25 diss records between now and then.’ So then it was the laughing emoji and I use that with my friends. So I don’t know if he’s laughing or joking at this point. And then he followed that with, ‘If you can, I will give you $10,000. LOL’ And then it said ‘Joey’ with a bunch of exclamation points.” (ESPN)

A few days ago, Joe hinted at someone direct messaging him.

Stop InstaDmÔÇÖing me & rap nigga. Smh

— Joe Budden (@JoeBudden) July 24, 2016

This week, Budden detailed a now-viral confrontation with some OVO Sound fans outside of his New Jersey home.

“At 7:30 in the morning, I went to my vehicle not worried about what I was wearing at the time and I wasn’t very coherent because I’m not normally coherent without my morning coffee – so I get in my f*cking car and f*cking, I look to my left and there’s two kids outside of my door with a f*cking camera. Now that’s not enough to get me out of my character or out of my vehicle. But then they stayed and started chanting some sh*t, I think it was Drake lyrics, and I got out of my car and said, ‘N*gga, if you don’t get, ‘fore I kill one of you n*ggas,’ but I realized they were children. So that’s the end of that. You run them off – I went and got my coffee, that’s the end of that. They spent the entire day – they went and got their friends – I don’t know, maybe it was a Pokemon spot or some sh*t, I don’t know what was happening.” (Complex)

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Joe Budden Has 2 Reasons Why HeÔÇÖs Not Hurting For DrakeÔÇÖs $10,000 : SOHH