Joe BuddenÔÇÖs Funk Flex Freestyle Is Why Fans Love Him So Much

Joe Budden can rap. It might seem like a “Captain Obvious” statement but it’s true. Joey has made a great deal of friends and foes due to his Twitter antics and little things, like the fact he can rap his ass off, gets overlooked. Even in his “beef” with Drake many were unwilling to acknowledge his mic skills because of the persona (even though he might say it’s just him being himself) people are exposed to. While he’s obviously not in the mainstream the Jersey native is still the same guy who gave us the┬áMood Muzik┬áseries and countless fantastic guest appearances when he was an “actively” working rapper.

Joey stopped by Funkmaster Flex’s show today to do what he does best and the results are simply fantastic. While there’s clearly still some rust there, as he had to stop a few times during his raps, Joey proved that his pen game hasn’t lost a step.

That moment? like I could stop time, like with that Hollow kid Gospel with the Apollo shit, sorry I’m no apologist Wait, here’s a glimpse at my stakes and then if you may Niggas couldn’t commence their success without my mistakes

That was him warming up. Later, he really starts getting to it.

You niggas ran off on the plug, not me I stayed right there So if it’s gotta be a thing, the shotty gon be clean You see the Rage is┬áeven deadly outside the Machine Any time they thought they had me robbed? got nothing off me Nina’s had the drop uptown, brother was saucy

And also, this.

You never see how I handled the spot Been on both sides of the fence, seen the hammer get cocked I give a fuck if young niggas understand it or not Sometimes you gotta show the kids you really ran with the Roc(k)

That’s just a small taste of some of the things that Joey had on his mind. There’s a lot more said in the video and any fan of lyricism should be happy to press play.

Joe BuddenÔÇÖs Funk Flex Freestyle Is Why Fans Love Him So Much : UPROXX

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