Kevin HartÔÇÖs Alter Ego Chocolate Droppa Sends Warning Shots At Drake, Future And More With New Freestyle

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There’s this thing we used to say about rappers wanting to be ball players and ball players wanting to be rappers. Turns out comedians want in on the game as well because Kevin Hart just signed to Motown Records as his rapping alter ego, Chocolate Droppa. Which is the one sentence that these fingers never imagined they’d be typing.

Fans of Hart know that rapping is a bit of a passion of his, freestyling at the drop of a dime and seemingly doing it all in jest. Apparently it was more than that as the man is prepping an actual album, complete with a tracklist, guest stars, producers, even liner notes. To celebrate the occasion, he followed in the footsteps of 50 Cent’s “How to Rob” and called out names.

“Coming back to take what’s mine Drake, Future, Jay Z, 2 Chainz, I’m about to smack all ya’ll on the behind I let ya’ll suckers eat but I’m hungry now Going downtown, and I’m looking to get down Like Downtown Julie Brown I ain’t got no frown but what I got is a bag of brownies And I’m trying to get down”

Well, there’s no denying his fire. Hopefully the fire can make up for his–no pun intended–shortcomings.

It’d be crazy, though, if all four of the cats he called out immediately went to their notebooks–or in some cases–called up someone else to break out their notebook, and decided that this is the man who’s going to push them to become better emcees. What if Drake really does see Droppa as a challenge? What if Jay decides he needs to grow his hair out for this one? What if 2 Chainz decides it’s time to be serious and double his chain count? What if Future…yeah never mind. Interestingly enough, Droppa clearly doesn’t want it with Kendrick since his name just so happened to be left out.

Here’s more Chocolate Droppa for your listening/viewing pleasure while you ruminate on what this means for the game. Gotta give the man props for the work ethic, though.

(Via Billboard)

Kevin HartÔÇÖs Alter Ego Chocolate Droppa Sends Warning Shots At Drake, Future And More With New Freestyle : UPROXX

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