Two Kendrick Lamar Songs Leaked: ‘Crooked’ and ‘Burn’

Kendrick Lamar

Two previously unreleased songs by Kendrick Lamar from 2013, titled Crooked and Burn have surfaced online. This is not the first time that unreleased Kendrick Lamar tracks have been leaked, as Falsehood and Organized Madness followed the same path in December 2022. Four other songs from the Kendrick Lamar EP era were leaked in 2019.

Both tracks showcase Kendrick’s remarkable lyrical ability, including his impeccable songwriting, unparalleled delivery, astounding imagery, and ability to smoothly switch flows and personas. While fans are undoubtedly excited to hear these previously unheard tracks, the unauthorized release of unreleased material can be concerning for artists and their teams, especially for an artist as private as Lamar.

The recently leaked tracks, Crooked and Burn offer a tantalizing preview of Lamar’s remarkable lyrical prowess. The each showcase his ability to craft powerful verses that are vivid and immersive. The verse on Crooked appears to have been repurposed for Kendrick Lamar’s verse on Thundercat’s feature Walk On By. Burn showcases many of King Kenny’s best qualities, but likely remained unreleased as the hook does not feel fully developed.

Fans of Kendrick Lamar are thrilled to hear these two new tracks, regardless of the leak. Both of which offer a glimpse into the rapper’s past and demonstrate his continued evolution as an artist.

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