‘Tier 222 Glory’: The Rise of Sammyoffthewall

Sammyoffthewall - Tier 222 Glory

NYC emcee Sammyoffthewall has released Tier 222 Glory, his 8-track debut album. The project is a testament to Sammy’s consistent ability to create captivating, cohesive, and lyrically tight tracks, showcasing his smooth flow, approachable songwriting, and superb delivery.

Tier 222 Glory is a sonically diverse and well-crafted project that blends classic boom-bap instrumentation with modern and diverse soundscapes. Sammy’s appreciation for the roots of NYC hip-hop is evident, with nods to the genre’s pioneers and influencers. However, he also infuses experimental techniques that give his music an identity of its own, making the album a contemporary classic.

Tier 222 Glory

The album opens with Spin the Block, a track that sets the tone for the rest of the project. Sammy delivers sharp and impactful verses over a beat that seamlessly blends old-school and new-school sounds. He continues to demonstrate his lyrical prowess on a track that plays on the album title, Tier 2 Glory, where he effortlessly shifts flow and tackles societal issues with insightful lyrics and a dope assist from Isaiah Velez.

The album also showcases Sammy’s versatility as an artist. On tracks like L.M.O.M.K he delivers a unique vocal performance, over an eclectic instrumental. Rich Spirit is another standout track that sees Sammy’s catchy hooks and clever wordplay shine, over one of the dopest beats on the project.

With Tier 222 Glory, Sammyoffthewall continues to prove that he is one of the most promising young artists in the game. With most of the 8 tracks under 2 minutes in length, Tier 222 almost functions as an early 2000s mixtape. Sammy’s unique blend of classic and modern hip-hop styles, coupled with his undeniable talent, makes him stand out in a crowded and competitive field. This album is a must-listen for fans of the Web Collective rapper’s indelible flows and potent lyricism.

Sammyoffthewall’s music has already earned him a spot on some of New York’s most prestigious stages, such as S.O.B’s and Purgatory, and this album is sure to unlock even more opportunities for him. With more exciting drops, live performances, and meaningful collaborations on the horizon, Sammyoffthewall is definitely an artist to watch in the coming year.

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