What we’re listening to this week: 5 tracks to listen to today

Tune in to these tracks ASAP

New hip hop music has been flooding the streets as of late and unless you know where to look, you can miss it. Fortunately, we’ve had our ear to the streets and we’re here to supply you with some tunes we’ve been bumping lately. Below are a few songs for your playlist this month.

Kota The Friend – “Outside’


Fresh off of his hard hitting collab project with Alchemist, Kota the Friend returns with a breezy, feel good tune “Outside”. Complete with bird sounds, and (What sounds like) a Caribbean steelpan on the hook, “Outside” is the kind of song you want to hear after you’ve made it through what these past few months have felt like. Arriving while the weather makes a turn for the better, the track feels like a rebirth and a return to some semblance of normalcy as Kota raps lines like “Wake up in the morning to the best news, always said that we was gon’ get through”. Our “Outside” might not be what it was for the foreseeable future, but Kota is outchea regardless and dammit, we are too.

A$AP Rocky – “Sandman”


This song hasn’t even officially arrived yet but we already have the YouTube joint on repeat. Rocky performed the whole track on a live streamed performance for Weedmaps, and if you were around during his 2011-2013 rise, this sounds gloriously familiar. That is partially thanks to the soundscape crafted by Clams Casino. Along with guys like A$AP Ty Beats and Spaceghostpurrp, Clams Casino was a major component in the original A$AP Rocky sound, and in Sandman, he digs back into this back for one of his best tracks in a minute. The song is trippy, it’s psychedelic, and we can’t wait until we can listen to it somewhere other than YouTube.

Cordae “Just until….”


While no love was lost when Cordae dropped the YBN from his name, we all know why: His music is miles ahead of his former collective and in his latest offering “Just Until…. ” we see the evolved artist take his latest step. The 4 song EP is his first project since his Grammy nominated album, and what stands out here is ability to adapt and collaborate with a number of diverse talents. He’s one of the few rappers who can pull off Q-Tip and Young Thug features and have it make sense. The name of this EP has us thinking that this is just to hold us over for an upcoming album, but as we await that, this 4 pack will suffice.

Jayy Grams “Late for the bus”


When Jayy Grams torched a Sway in the Morning freestyle as a high schooler, we were one of the 100k people who tuned in, thinking “Who the hell is this kid?!” 3 years later, he’s still underrated, but consistent with his quality output. The West Baltimore Native has a flow that’s not typical of most B-More rappers, and “Late for the bus” is evidence of that. On a track laced with a saxophone sample, Jayy Grams delivers laid back lyrics about being young and unruly in the inner city.

Kenny Mason “Much Money” Featuring Freddie Gibbs


Kenny Mason’s ability to seamlessly shift between, rap, rock and whatever else he puts his mind to makes him a unique talent to remember on the Atlanta rap scene and that’s on display in his latest project Angelic Hoodrat: Supercut. In one of our favorite moments of the project, he teams up with one of the dopest artists in the game to talk his ish. Kenny Mason attacks the beat with a relentless flow that’d make vintage 21 Savage proud and Freddie Gibbs follows up and does…exactly what you’d expect from a Freddie Gibbs feature. We have our eyes on Kenny Mason going forward. He already has cosigns from some of the best, and he has the talent to match.