‘A Bar About A Bar’: New Song by Chance the Rapper Out Now

New Song by Chance the Rapper
Breaking down Chano’s new 1 minute, 5 second track A Bar About a Bar

Chance the Rapper’s flurry of “writing exercises” continues with a new snippet called A Bar About A Bar. Chance pairs his newest sounds with visual art from Hyde Park, Chicago artist Nikko Washington. This is a formula that’s consistent with recent release Child of God.  2022 Chance seems refreshed, taking an “interdisciplinary” approach to his music, and returning to late 20teens form.  This new song by Chance the Rapper feels like a throwback to his prime.  

A Bar About A Bar Chance the Rapper

“Last night we opened the second interdisciplinary piece ‘A Bar About a Bar’ with another private art experience. @nikko.washington became the 2nd black alumni in @artinstitutechi History to have their work shown!!! ‘A Bar About a Bar’ comes out Tn at 11 Chicago time, and is on display til June at The Art Institute of Chicago!!”

Produced by DexLvL and Chance himself, A Bar About A Bar is a quick reminder of Chance’s spoken word mastery over soulful samples.  The lyrics work almost as the introduction to a short story, painting a clear picture of setting and the protagonist.  

“A n*gga walks into a bar/Took his seat, he liked his liquor hard, his women easy./Legend has it he was callous like fingers that pick guitars./He was just a hick that parked his pickup truck ’cause it was dark to take a piss.”  

These particular bars read almost like the first few minutes of a black Western Film. The music video mirrors this thought, featuring Nikko Washington painting, and an appearance from Vic Mensa. Chance ends the track with “It’s what I got so far“, hinting that their might be more coming.  

Watch the fire visuals for A Bar About A Bar, the new song by Chance the Rapper today. 

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