Jack Carenza - March 21, 2022

Chance the Rapper Teases New Drop for this Thursday

It is make-or-break time for Chance the Rapper.  On Sunday, Chance enigmatically tweeted, “My mind is decided 3/24”, with a photo of the Chicago rapper seated on an ottoman with his back turned.

Chance has taken to Instagram with a flurry of posts indicating he has been writing and recording.  One can assume this most recent tweet signifies new music dropping this Thursday.  Earlier this week, the “Coloring Book” rapper shared a 1 minute 31 second snippet of new music on Instagram, titled [‘Writing Exercise #2’]. It appears the music coming will feature fire lyricism, and a typical gospel-influenced beat that feels like it is right in his wheelhouse. Watch the exercise from Chance’s Youtube here:

The Rise and Fall of Chance

In 2016, Chance the Rapper was looking like rap’s next megastar.  First, his momentum began with 2012’s Best Day, an eclectic and creative mixtape that introduced the world to Chance’s limitless creativity and spark.  The following year he released Acid Rap, which underground hip hop heads dubbed an instant classic. Eventually, Acid Rap was named the best mixtape of 2013 by Rolling Stone.  Chance the Rapper’s stock peaked in 2016 with the release of a more mainstream project, Coloring Book. Coupled with his appearance on Kanye West’s smash hit Ultralight Beam, it looked like Chance was well on his way to becoming a true rap legend.

In the three-year period between Coloring Book and his third studio album The Big Day, Chance released a series of decent collaborations. However, these side projects were not enough to quench fan’s thirst for new music.  Ultimately, The Big Day flopped about as hard as an album can.  Focusing almost exclusively on his relationship with his wife, The Big Day seemingly derailed Chance’s career. He canceled The Big Day tour, while becoming the butt of ‘corny rapper’ jokes. The Big Day has remained a thorn in Chance’s side since its release date.

As Chance licks his wounds, it has become clear to all that whatever comes next is truly pivotal.  The Big Day truly did enough damage to his reputation that whatever comes next needs to be good enough to get that awful taste out of former fan’s mouths.  Based on this recent social media activity, its looking more and more like we will see what comes next very soon. Above all, we hope Chance is able to overcome his recent failings, and recapture the 2016 magic.


by Jack Carenza