Anti Social Camp 2023: A NYC Celebration of Songwriting

Anti Social Camp
Over 150 Superstar Artists, Songwriters, and Producers Come Together for the World’s Largest Songwriting Camp

New York City, NY—The much-anticipated third annual Anti Social Camp is set to kick off today, June 12th, transforming the city into a vibrant hub of creativity and collaboration. With an impressive lineup of over 150 superstar artists, songwriters, and producers, including the likes of Andy Grammer, Moby, Walk The Moon, Mike Shinoda, and Cautious Clay, the weeklong event promises to celebrate the arts of lyricism collaboration in a groundbreaking way. This year’s camp, which takes place across various venues in New York City, aims to reinvigorate one of the true hubs of songwriting and honor the city’s rich musical legacy.

Danny Ross, visionary founder of Anti Social Camp and respected BerkleeNYC Professor, explains the mission behind the event, stating:

“This generation knows that the magic happens when great artists, songwriters, and producers work together to make iconic records. Anti Social Camp is a vehicle to remind the music industry of New York’s legacy and the significant pool of talent here ready to change the game.”

Anti Social Impact

One of the highlights of the Anti Social Camp is the announcement of the first-ever Anti Social Camp compilation album. A selection of songs created during the camp will be chosen for this exclusive album, which will be distributed through Title Partner Amuse. This exciting opportunity provides an avenue for emerging and established talents alike to showcase their creativity to a global audience.

In addition to the music-focused events, Anti Social Camp is proud to be part of NY Music Month. An initiative led by the NYC Mayor’s Office of Media + Entertainment. By partnering with various organizations, including The New School, Brooklyn Brewery, D’Angelico Guitars, Elsewhere, and many prestigious studios, the camp is supporting local venues, businesses, and the overall music ecosystem of the city.

Anti Social Camp has gained recognition for nurturing new talent, and appreciating lyrical mastery. It has already seen the likes of Nile Rodgers, JP Saxe, Rostam of Vampire Weekend, Rob Thomas, Madison McFerrin, and Linda Perry among its alumni. This year, the camp welcomes hit songwriters Sam Hollander (Panic! At The Disco) and Swagg (H.E.R.) to contribute their expertise and collaborate with the next generation of musical luminaries.

Anti Social Hip Hop 

This year’s iteration is home to quite a few talented hip-hop storytellers. The genre we love deeply roots itself in the city’s cultural fabric and heavily relies on songwriting. Several premier emcees and producers will participate, representing the hip-hop genre, including Kota the Friend, Wolf Tyla, Soley Had, Problem, and Tamra Jade, who will be contributing their unique perspectives and skills to the week-long event.

With these exceptional hip-hop artists in the lineup, Anti Social Camp 2023 becomes a hotbed of innovation. Where the boundaries of the genre are pushed and redefined. Their contributions serve as a testament to the ongoing evolution of hip-hop. And consequently, its profound impact on the global music landscape. As these artists collaborate with their peers from different genres, the result promises to be a fusion of sounds that reflects the vibrant and eclectic nature of New York City’s scene.

“I can’t wait to see what transpires when all these different creatives get in one place. New York has always been one of my favorite places to create. Nothing worth talking about was done alone. Collaboration is key to multi platinum success,” shared Problem.  

“NYC will ALWAYS be my home because it’s where I found my voice as an artist. I’ve written countless songs on my train commutes and I love my new life in Hollywood, but there is NOTHING like the artist community of NYC!,” added Tamra Jade

The impact of Anti Social Camp extends beyond its immediate participants. By breathing new life into NYC music, the camp aims to reverse the trend of musicians leaving the city for other creative hubs, such as Los Angeles, Nashville, and Austin. New York has a storied history of spawning global music movements. Anti Social Camp seeks to remind the world of the city’s enduring musical legacy.

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