Cam’ron Remembers Big L & Salutes Max B

Dipset’s Cam’ron is all about remembering rap legends. Killa Cam has paid homage to late longtime friend Big L and incarcerated Diplomat affiliate Max B.

Cam jumped on Instagram last night (November 2) with an ode to the New York rap veterans.

Last month, longtime Max B pal French Montana talked about the fake support the jailed rapper had received since gaining more publicity.

“I mean, you know how people are, man. Once he gets home everybody’s going…people always d*ckride once they see somebody’s home. All these d*ck bangers. [Laughs.] And he don’t know none of these people who keep tweeting about him and sh*t. I see all these people like, Max B, this and that. Max B coming home, this and that. I’m talking to him like, “Do you know any of these people?” He’s like, “Nah, I don’t even know these people.” And what if that news is false and he’s still going through his appeal, you know what I’m saying? That’s going to f*ck it up for him.” (Complex)

Recently, Montana provided fans with an update on when Max might come home.

“He took a plea deal, you know, those numbers were crazy they gave him 75 years because he blew trial. So he took the plea deal and they knocked down the years from 75 to 20. But he already got almost 10 years in. Yeah, time flies by fast. Almost 10. What they’re saying is, on black and white, is he can come home in as early as 2 years. But if he f*ck it up in there, then he could do up to 6. I’ve been up to see him. Plenty of times. This is the greatest news you could tell somebody.” (Hot 97)

In September, French showed off rap star Drake’s support for Max.

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