Chris Brown’s Gun Threat, Assault Case Still Looming

R&B singer Chris Brown isn’t quite off the hook in his publicized gun threat and assault case. New reports claim a full blown investigation is still active in the late August incident.

According to reports, law enforcement is head to toes deep into the alleged crime.

When Chris was arrested August 30, he was due in court for an arraignment this past Tuesday. Not only did the authorities miss that deadline, we’ve confirmed cops haven’t even presented the file to the D.A. But law enforcement sources say … detectives are knee-deep in the investigation, interviewing witnesses and compiling evidence. We’ve learned the arraignment date has been extended 15 days so detectives can complete their investigation and send the case on to prosecutors. (TMZ)

As of late, the Los Angeles crooner has promoted apparel based on his publicized criminal case.

Recently, music producer Scott Storch sent out some words of wisdom to Chris.

Earlier the same week, hip-hop mogul Master P also came to Brown’s defense following a recent arrest on a gun threat accusation.

“They asked me what I think about Chris Brown,” P said in a new viral video. “I like the little homie. All the money you got, man, pay for you and ‘No’ man and get rid of some of these ‘Yes’ men. If I was your big homie, I would have brought the same ol’ faithful broad to you every time, just change the wig. You don’t need all the new people around you. I don’t care if you’re an athlete or or entertainer, man, you’re going to spend more money on lawyer fees. Get you a real OG, somebody that’s about something real and will tell you something and teach you something and be able to tell you ‘No’ sometimes. Sometimes you just gotta be able to say ‘No’ to your homies. … It’s going to cost you more in lawyer fees. Get rid of some of them trashy broads. That broad remind me of the one Kobe had in Colorado. Trash man.”

Amid hourly updates on his gun threat arrest last month, Brown unleashed his new “What Would You Do” song.

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