Jack Carenza - August 29, 2022

Denver Flight Night Artist Spotlight: Malcolm Whyz3

As the Denver stop on Kota the Friend’s Flight Night Music Festival approaches, it is essential to remember the true purpose of the tour, and of the fltbys brand. That mission is clearly restated in a fltbys Instagram Post:Flight Night Denver Jason Channel

 “Ever since 2008 we’ve been giving people the opportunity to get on stage, when no one else was giving the opportunity,” said Kota.  “Fltbys has always been a young company of people who just want to do something but have no platform.”

Embracing the concept of connecting up-and-coming talent to their community, we will showcase a stacked lineup of opening acts in Denver, before Kota takes the stage at Cervantes Masterpiece on September 9thOne of those performers will be smooth and insightful lyricist Malcolm Whyz3.  

A relative newcomer to the game Malcolm Whyz3 has only been releasing music for a little over a year.  However, his discography is polished, refined and thoughtful, leading us to believe that a lot of work went into his artistry before he was ready to share his music with the world.  A Denver native, Whyz3 has ties to New York, which may account for elements of east coast lyricism present in his work.  “I was born and raised in Denver, but split time in Harlem, NY where my dad lived. I rep the box state but have strong ties and influence from Harlem.”  

Malcolm Whyz3’ Sound

With brilliant clarity, and unmistakable candor, Malcolm Whyz3 is unafraid to broach topics that are intimately reflective of reality.  There are shades of an early J.Cole in his music.  Like Cole, this is an artist driving hard for success, while using his personal experience as fuel.  Whyz3 shared insight about his debut EP Before the Streetlights Come On and how he draws on his life for lyrical content.  

Before the Streetlights Come On is pieces of my life in song form.  It’s got a little something for everyone. The project hits on some topics most artists don’t discuss such as menta; health, anxiety and family issues.”

Before the Streetlights Come On is a great place to start when exploring Whyz3’ growing discography.  The EP is sincere, plain spoken and impactful.  Whyz3 shows a knack for selecting instrumentals that are steady and bright – rich with soul, with the right knocks.  These beats provide a perfect canvas for crystal clear vocals and immersive storytelling.  

Note to Self is an early highlight of the project, chalk-full of self reflection and dope flows.  Whyz3 shows excellent cadence and pacing throughout Before the Streetlights.  This allows the touching elements of his storytelling to hit harder.  Note to Self is not just a look inward.  A powerful second verse touches on broken relationships, family illness, and mother-son loyalty.  Whyz3 bridges these topics effortlessly.  And he does so while reminding a listener that despite it all, there is still plenty of room for hope.  

Hold My Own is another shining example of Malcolm Whyz3’ artistry, with a beautifully crafted hook, emotive lyrics, and excellent wordplay.  “Putting my soul in these verses just hoping they resonate/But the young boys and the young girls just lost souls in this cold world/I swear I got drive like chauffeurs, and I’m main course and ya’ll horderves.” 

As impressive as the lyricism and delivery is the presentation.  Before the Streetlights Come On is mixed and mastered with precision, with thoughtful adlibs, dubs, layers and a studio album sound.  It is clear that Whyz3 is investing in his art, and the result is a project with great replay value.  Other high points on the album include Anxiety, Closer and What You Make It.  

So far in 2022, Whyz3 has dropped one single, Drunk & Lonely, with a guest feature from ReSrfce.  A manifestation, perhaps, of what was to come as ReSrfce will join Malcolm Whyz3 on the Denver Flight Night card.  

Malcolm Whyz3 on Independence

 Whyz3 shows great maturity understanding the business moves necessary to continue to expand his following. Especially as an artist so new to the game.   

“I am an independent artist that has only been making music for about a year. The hardest part is finding my fan base and staying consistent with putting out a good product. Everyone makes music these days, but bringing something different to the table is what is going to set me apart. I’m still finding my sound, but I’m off to a good start and excited to see how far I can go! I am a part of a collective called Authentic 100 that has helped me really accelerate my career in a short amount of time with other incredibly talented artists.”

The last piece of insight is pivotal. While growth might seem daunting for an independent artist trying to make it on their own, there is so much power in a sense of community.  After Flight Night, Whyz3 will find himself an alumni of a festival that provides leverage. Access to industry contacts, promising artists, and local communities.  

Flight Night 

Malcolm Wyz3, like so many artists before him, sees the connections that ultimately made him a great choice to join Kota the Friend in Denver.  

It means a lot to me [performing at Flight Night]! Kota is a huge inspiration. What he has been able to accomplish is crazy. Also, having a song about Colorado, while coming from New York really makes it feel like I was meant to be here. This is another exciting step forward for my career and I’m blessed to have the opportunity. But, I’m also ready to show out and let the world know what I can do!” 

Fans can expect a bright, lyrical masterpiece from Malcolm Whyz3 at Denver Flight Night. Limited tickets are available.