Rell Hunt - July 11, 2021

Five YouTube Pages that every Hip Hop Artist Should be Subscribed to

Resources for Artists

These days, all you need is a computer and some creativity to get your dreams going. Lately, we’ve been on YouTube heavy taking notes from some of the dopest platforms that serve as resources for artists to do just that. We’ve picked up some valuable insight and genuinely been entertained with the content we’ve tapped into, we’d like to share it with you all. Here’s 5 Five YouTube Pages that every Hip Hop Artist Should be Subscribed to.

Nathan Zed


Nathan Zed’s content features a little bit of everything, from his opinionated takes on TV/Film to his own comedic skits. He caught our eye with his “Lost Art” series though, and if you’re a musician, or even if you just have an appreciation for the culture like us. You should definitely tap in. In the videos like the one above, Nathan Zed goes in depth on the importance of elements that most musicians don’t consider like album rollouts, cover art and sequencing. He has a wide frame of reference when it comes to music and his edits and comedic takes make for an enjoyable watch throughout.

Curtiss King


It’s always dope to hear it direct from someone who’s been where you’d like to be. For aspiring music producers, the channel you should frequent is Curtiss King. His production credits include rappers such as Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul, E-40 and MURS and he shares his process for the world to see. Along with the creative side of things, he also shares advice for music producers, like how to make money as a producer, how to grow, collaborate and more.



If you’re serious about your music career and building a solid fanbase, merch should definitely be in your monetization strategy. This page technically has nothing to do with your music career directly, but we dig it because it shows you how to plan merch drops from beginning to end. Brema is the mind behind Unfinished Legacy, and if you’re looking for upcoming streetwear brands, definitely check them out. On his Channel, Brema lets you into his studio and shows you his process step by step. Subscribe to Brema to learn how to run a streetwear brand, how to plan a drop, etc. He also has some dope photography and cinematography videos too which we dig.

Kids Take Over


If you’re tired of Vladtv as much as we are, Kids Take Over is a dope alternative that puts both up and coming and established artists on its platform. Rather than focusing on the controversy surrounding the artists, Kids Take Over is focused on the music itself, and interviews offer an insightful look at some of the industry’s most underrated artists. If you’re looking for interviews without the clickbait headlines, try their page.

Recording Revolution

Sometimes you gotta master the boring stuff before you can get to creating the art. A lot of artists go wrong by skipping steps and going directly for the creation aspect of music without ever learning how to properly record. This page goes in depth on helping you make better recordings and mixes in your home studio, while also teaching you how to build a home studio for cheap. Even if you work with an engineer who handles this kind of stuff, it’s always a great idea to do your research and have a solid idea of how the process works. Recording Revolution is the place to be for that.