Four Questions with Rising Brooklyn Rapper Joe Ca$h

Joe Ca$h is a can’t miss talent from NYC

It’s always interesting to watch an artist evolve, especially when they keep the essence of what made them special in the first place. When Brooklyn Rapper Joe Cash bursted onto the scene with his first tape 748, he’d already established the laid back, reflective style that more and more fans are starting to know him for now. Throughout the years, he’s dropped quality after quality on the streets as he’s rolled out consistent visuals, singles, and content. To promote his single “Fly This Summer”, Joe Ca$h created a dope slice of life series on his IG, showing what his day to day was like in NYC. It’s been savvy marketing like this (Along with the music itself) that’s expanded his reach as an independent artist.
On his latest project “1631” he couples single like “Fly This Summer” with more personal joints like “Cousin from Atlanta” and the banger”Lockedinn”, which we think is one of the most underrated tracks of the year. His work ethic and knack for dropping consistent quality caught our attention, so we asked him four question about his career and mindset. Check it below.

1. I’ve witnessed two things that have stood out about you as an artist – Consistency and quality. The visuals, the production, everything is crisp. Did you come in the game with this mindset or did you learn as you went along?

Thx. Yea bro I came into the game with that mindset. That’s the type of person I am and I get a lot of it from basketball. I wasn’t the best player early on ,but I got better and better as time went on. That’s one of my favorite compliments to get is that they see the growth it’s huge and mad important to me. I gotta up it everytime keep getting better.

2. As a fellow hooper I gotta ask, do you see any parallels from the hoop life and the rap game? Did basketball prepare you for your artistry?

Yea hell yea this shit is exactly like hoops from how the people move in it down to the artists. It’s just like the hooping game everybody out here proving that they’re the best at what they do and its competitive ,but at the same time you’re allowed to be a fan of someone’s craft and you guys can play on the same team (collabs) It’s a community .
Yea basketball definitely prepared me for artistry. I think one of the most important things was understanding how to be mentally tough, consistent, and thinking of ways to get better.  In basketball we are used to being on an emotional rollercoaster where you might be up 5, down 20, 10 game winning streak, 3 games lost in a row. Whether we win or we lose it’s always how do we get better for next time.

3. Your last tape “1631” was fire. Who are some people you want to work with for your next joint?

Thx. We put a lot into the project. It’s my second tape and I just wanted to elevate my sound and give people a cohesive body of work. For my next project, I want to work with some more producers and I’ma have some features on it for sure. Not sure exactly who, I’m going to keep making the music.

4. This platform is all about the independent artist. Any words of advice for the other fellow indies on the grind?

I’d tell them to keep investing your time, money, and energy into yourself and other people that  you believe in. Run your own race, be yourself and everything comes together.