French Montana Defends “F**k The Police” Rant, Details Cops-In

Bad Boy’s French Montana is not issuing an apology to law enforcement anytime soon. The New York rapper has come forward to speak out on bashing the cops on social media.

According to Montana, he believes cops intentionally targeted him this week after an uncomfortable run-in.

French says his guy was sober and when all his paperwork checked out, they peace’d out. But he thinks cops were hoping to find something more incriminating. French believes he and his friends were targeted as they left Aces because they’re black and famous. He says he only yelled “Black lives matter” to remind the cops it’s “pathetic” to stop him for nothing. (TMZ)

Yesterday (September 28), Montana tossed up the footage onto his Instagram page.

Outside of the run-in, Montana recently talked about the status of jailed rap pal Max B.

“He took a plea deal, you know, those numbers were crazy they gave him 75 years because he blew trial. So he took the plea deal and they knocked down the years from 75 to 20. But he already got almost 10 years in. Yeah, time flies by fast. Almost 10. What they’re saying is, on black and white, is he can come home in as early as 2 years. But if he f*ck it up in there, then he could do up to 6. I’ve been up to see him. Plenty of times. This is the greatest news you could tell somebody.” (Hot 97)

Last week, French showed off rap star Drake’s support for Max.

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French Montana Defends “F**k The Police” Rant, Details Cops-In : SOHH