Jack Carenza - May 31, 2023

grouptherapy. Releases Untamed Single ‘Nasty’

Grouptherapy. has once again delivered a track that demands attention with scintillating new single Nasty. What continues to set the trio apart is their revolving door of star power.

On each new single, grouptherapy. Is happy to share the spotlight, and Nasty is no exception. Jadagrace takes center stage, making her mark with fierce and seductive lyricism. Meanwhile, TJOnline and SWIM provide the perfect backdrop, complementing her performance flawlessly.   


At the core of Nasty is the celebration of embracing untamed desires and expressing them freely. The record’s upbeat tempo, infectious melodies, and rhythmic grooves create an irresistible sonic experience. Soundscapes that seamlessly match the theme of embracing one’s untamed desires. Through their lyrics, grouptherapy. fearlessly champions the art of being nasty, inspiring listeners to break free from societal constraints and revel in their authentic, uninhibited selves.

The combination of the lively production and the daring lyrics creates a synergy that ignites a fire within. The music becomes a vessel for self-expression, providing a safe space for listeners to shed their inhibitions and revel in their uninhibited nature.

When Jada takes the mic, she unleashes undeniable talent, leaving an indelible mark on the track. Lyrically, she balances the confidence of what it takes to embrace the nasty side, with the specifics of how to do so. Lines like, “No contest I’m the best of the best” side by side with “I’m a lot to ingest, corset vest, waist on small, hips on dawg,” show how there has to be a lot of self-love to feel confident in a place where one can be truly nasty. 

Jadagrace’s lyrics show that embracing the nasty side is not just about indulging in physical desires. It’s a holistic celebration of self. It’s about finding the confidence to embrace one’s own brand of nastiness, unburdened by societal expectations or judgment. A true call to fully accept and love oneself, flaws and all, and revel in the freedom that comes from unabashedly expressing one’s desires and passions. This feel is only boosted by TJ’s expressive and dynamic performance. 

The Nasty music video complements that energy perfectly, with its edgy aesthetics and uninhibited spirit. Watch the video today.