Jack Carenza - June 1, 2023

Saba and No I.D. Release ‘hue_man nature’ Ahead of Upcoming Mixtape

Chicago’s luminaries, Saba and No I.D., have joined forces once again to deliver dope new single hue_man nature. Following the success of their debut track Back In Office which dropped back in April, this latest offering once again displays the perfect collision of styles.

Both singles have reached the airwaves ahead of the forthcoming mixtape From The Private Collection Of Saba & No I.D, which promises to be a standout project in 2023. 

hue_man nature

Building on the success of their previous collaboration, Saba and No I.D. have once again struck gold. The track serves as a tantalizing taste of what’s to come, showcasing an innate ability to seamlessly blend Saba’s introspective lyricism with No I.D.’s masterful production.

 No I.D.’s attention to detail is evident as he weaves together various textures, creating a captivating soundscape that enhances the emotional depth of Saba’s verses. His ability to craft beats that complement the artist’s storytelling, while still leaving room for the lyrics to shine, is a testament to his skill and understanding of the craft.

The lyrics delve into Saba’s personal journey, highlighting the obstacles he has overcome and the traps he has managed to evade. His authentic storytelling paints a vivid picture of his come-up, while also expressing the value he places on his roots and the importance of staying loyal to his team. While hue_man nature is not the parade of powerful punchlines we saw on Back In Office, Saba drops a gem when he spits, “Never leave the team I’m like Damian”—referring, of course, to Portland Trailblazers ultra-loyal guard Damian Lillard. 

The accompanying visuals feature Saba against the backdrop of a solitary desert as the sun sets behind him. 

While their mixtape’s release date and specific details are yet to be announced, the buzz surrounding From The Private Collection is palpable.