Jack Carenza - June 7, 2023

ARDN Enlists femdot. On Potent Single ‘Are U Kidding’

Burundian-born, Edmonton-raised artist ARDN has dropped another classic by way of new single Are U Kidding featuring femdot. The latest offering from the rising rapper once again demonstrates true lyrical prowess and a masterful ear for crafting catchy hits, with plenty of substance to match. 

Are U Kidding is expectedly the third single from ARDN’s upcoming Capital Records debut The Bronze Age EP. Fresh off tour with Isaiah Rashad, all the momentum seems to be in the Canadian lyricist’s favor. Ultimately, resulting in a run of must-listen new tracks. 

Are U Kidding

As is the case with most classic hip-hop joints, Are U Kidding starts with slick instrumentation. Dope vocal chops and driving percussion power the platform for both artists to spit some real shit.

ARDN begins that process by introducing us to a chorus that’s equal parts catchy and powerful. His repetition of the question, “Are you kiddin’?” serves as a powerful expression of disbelief toward those who doubted him. It symbolizes the artist’s determination to overcome obstacles and succeed despite the odds stacked against him. The hook also touches on the theme of survival and resilience in a competitive world, where only the fittest thrive. Overall, the hook captures ARDN’s defiance, self-confidence, and refusal to be underestimated, making it a vital element of the song. One that turns up repeatedly throughout his verse and femdot.’s. 

ARDN’s verse in Are U Kidding showcases his exceptional lyrical abilities, unique cadence, and confident musicality. His lyrics paint a picture of his ambition, self-assuredness, and determination to succeed through packed vivid imagery and metaphors.

In the lines, “The realest in demand, yeah, that’s scarce in the city / Shot caller like the mayor, but it’s Eric do the bidding.” ARDN asserts his position as someone highly sought after in the industry, highlighting his authenticity and scarcity in a genre full of phonies. The reference to being a “shot caller” and drawing a parallel to the mayor signifies his influential role, emphasizing that he’s the one making things happen.

His flow and delivery enhance the impact of his lyrics. Smooth cadence and controlled flow, allow details to effortlessly meld with beat. The rhyme scheme exhibits his skillful wordplay and attention to detail, with internal rhymes and clever metaphors sprinkled throughout his verse. Paired with Femdot.’s verse, which highlights his unique delivery and perspective, Are U Kidding is an instant classic. 

ARDN’s ability to craft relatable and thought-provoking music demonstrates his potential for greatness. As he enters a new era with The Bronze Age, we expect to be spilling a lot more ink on this rising star.