Jack Carenza - June 8, 2023

JID, Nas Shine on Metro Boomin’-Produced Spider-Man Soundtrack

Renowned producer Metro Boomin’ has curated an impressive lineup of rap’s finest for the Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse soundtrack, resulting in an album that transcends the superhero genre. 

The Spider-Verse rollout has given hip-hop heads an exceptional collection of tracks, courtesy of an array of renowned artists. The soundtrack boasts a star-studded lineup that reads like a who’s who of hip-hop. Future, Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Wayne, A$AP Rocky, 21 Savage, Offset, 2 Chainz, Swae Lee, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, Nav, Don Toliver, Coi Leray, Wizkid, and James Blake are just a few of the talents that have contributed their vocals to the album. 

Despite a stacked lineup, two tracks stood head and shoulders above the rest for us. 

Danger (Spider) – Offset & JID 

JID takes center stage with his impressive lyrical prowess, delivering an electrifying verse. With rapid flow and clever Spider-Man analogies, JID traverses the verse easily, further solidifying his reputation as one of hip-hop’s most talented wordsmiths.

From the onset, JID sets the scene by painting a vivid picture of a city in chaos, consumed by flames and danger. He urges the people to evacuate, highlighting the urgency and imminent threat. Drawing parallels to Spider-Man’s mission to protect his city, JID weaves a narrative that intertwines his superhero-like qualities with the essence of the web-slinging vigilante.

One of the standout aspects of JID’s verse is his rapid-fire delivery. His nimble flow perfectly complements the high-energy production, mirroring the agility and speed associated with Spider-Man’s acrobatic movements. JID’s flawless execution of complex rhyme schemes and intricate internal rhymes further showcases his exceptional command over the art of rap.

As the verse unfolds, JID’s sharp wordplay shines through. He employs clever metaphors, such as referring to the antagonist as a “villain put a mask on his face,” emphasizing the hidden and elusive nature of the threat. His ability to seamlessly blend storytelling and intricate wordplay creates an immersive experience for the listener, keeping them engaged and hanging on to every line.

Nas Morales – Nas

Nas shows his timeless flair by seamlessly merging old-school style with the fresh sounds of new-school instrumentation. With his signature flow and captivating lyricism, he proves once again why he remains an influential force. 

The Crown Heights legend’s lyrical finesse is on full display. Consequently, he weaves intricate storytelling and thought-provoking themes throughout his verse. He effortlessly navigates the beats and rhymes with a poetic precision that only he can deliver. With each line, Nas imparts wisdom and drops gems that resonate with listeners, bridging generations through his timeless appeal. One of his standout bars is: “Shoot a web, glidin’ through the sky, through the air/, dancin’ through the buildings, Fred Astaire.” Painting a vivid picture of the rapper’s spider-man-like ability to navigate the modern landscape with grace. These lines exemplify Nas’s mastery of wordplay, social commentary, and his ability to create lasting impact through his verses.

Nas Morales serves as a testament to Nas’s enduring impact on hip-hop culture. His ability to maintain relevance while staying true to his roots is a testament to his artistry and dedication. It’s a masterclass in lyricism, with each line carefully crafted to captivate the listener and ignite deep thought.