Jack Carenza - July 9, 2023

JID, Earthgang Kickstart Dreamville’s Summer

Two of Dreamville’s heavy hitters popped off this week, with a new single from Earthgang and a dope feature from JID. This activity comes as rumors circulate about Bas and J.Cole spending significant time together in the studio, ahead of the former’s upcoming album, We Only Talk About Real S**t When We’re F***ed Up

It’s looking like another “Cole Summer” from hip-hop’s premier label, and the action started this week with two must-listen drops. 

Mick Jenkins x JID – Smoke Break-Dance

Mick Jenkins used this captivating new single to announce upcoming studio album, The Patience. Produced by The Stoic, this track is a tantalizing preview of what’s in store. To complement the release, the pair dropped a dope music video with director Andre Muir to that accompanies the single.

On Smoke Break Jenkins and JID showcase complimentary talent and creativity over vintage jazz-infused production. The song exudes an off-kilter, downbeat quality and both rappers navigate it excellently. Jenkins with smooth, hard-hitting bars, and JID with more of a melodic delivery. Overall, the track is driven by weed-loving lyricism and distinct musicality. In a particularly potent segment, JID spits, “Where the money? Said he got about a week to get it all, got him by a leash/Try to find a lil’ peace but the mystery to me is unsolved./Take a breather, hit the reefer, smoke cough through the blunt fog.” 

Check out the music video for Smoke Break-Dance

Earthgang x Benji – Bobby Boucher

Meanwhile, JID’s running mates Earthgang dropped a gem of their own, with Bobby Boucher, the ATL duo’s first drop of 2023.  The track serves as a teaser for forthcoming EP, Earthgang vs the Algorithm: RIP Human Art, set to be released on July 28. Bobby Boucher pays homage to Adam Sandler’s iconic character in the film “The Waterboy.” Numerous references to the movie are cleverly woven throughout the lyrics.

Over an energetic, yet subtle beat, WowGr8 comes through with another fire verse, and Olu’s pitched-up offering adds an intriguing layer to the overall sonic experience. Earthgang also came through with a music video to supplement the drop. 

Dreamville looks on pace to once again dominate a summer of releases, with momentum coming in waves.