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Gucci Mane Gets ÔÇ£No SleepÔÇØ To Apple Music

Atlanta rapper Gucci Mane has come through with a major assist to Apple Music by delivering his upcoming Everybody Looking album’s intro track.

Last night (July 14), Gucci treated Apple Music listeners to the project’s opening song.

Listen to No Sleep (Intro) – Single by Gucci Mane on @AppleMusic. THIS IS SO FUCKING FIREEEEEEE

— ´©Å (@1rhquvn_) July 15, 2016

The track, called “No Sleep (Intro),” is produced by Zaytoven and Mike WiLL Made It, according to HipHopNMore. The track finds Gucci in a reflective mood, repeatedly referring to himself as a “recovering drug addict.” It seems, however, that self-reflection and being released from prison has not softened Gucci’s attitude towards law enforcement. The hook of the song repeatedly takes shots at “the Feds,” the police, and even the DEA. (Complex)

Producer Zaytoven recently hinted at the possibility of Gucci hooking up with rap star Drake for a project.

“We were doing the video for Gucci ManeÔÇÖs first video for the album. It was featuring Young Thug but Young Thug wasnÔÇÖt there yet. We were in there talking and Drake just came by because he was in town and wanted to stop through. We just got to talkinÔÇÖ about doing a project together ÔÇö Gucci and Drake together,” Zay said in an interview. “[Future and Gucci collabo coming?] Oh yeah definitely. I will try to make sure of it.” (XXL Mag)

Drake is expected to appear on Gucci’s upcoming Everybody Looking album.

Recently, Gucci went to the studio with Young Thug.

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Gucci Mane Gets ÔÇ£No SleepÔÇØ To Apple Music : SOHH