Jack Carenza - January 13, 2023

Katori Walker Continues Bountiful Run of Songs with New Single ‘Lean’

Pasadena, CA emcee Katori Walker has been dropping new music at a prodigious pace.  Since December 4th EP Pardon My Grip, Walker has unveiled a new single every Friday.  The most impressive part of this run?  At no point has the prolific lyricist sacrificed quality for quantity.  Tracks like Angel and Who’s To Blame have been consistent fixtures in our rotation.  A trend that remains true on this Friday’s release Lean.  

Katori Walker – Lean

Lean sees Katori Walker flowing over a classic west-coast beat.  Complete with a vibey bassline and uplifting melody, the vivid soundscapes provide a bright setting for Walker’s penetrating lyricism.  Katori sets the mood early in this joint. In the first line, shouting out his hometown and painting lucid images of where he comes from and what that means. 

It’s the third verse where Walker really hits his songwriting stride, through clever language and a heartfelt message of hope.  “I’m from the hood n*gga, not a hood n*gga, I’m a good n*gga/I’m the type to hit your line and checkup see what’s good witcha./I’m the type to keep it silent, never Hollywood n*gga./Seen some bad nights, but the morning looking good n*gga.” 

Katori speaks to his ability to overcome a rough upbringing and remain a good person.  To check in with his people, and entertain his dreams of a better tomorrow even through tough times.  As always, Walker’s flow, delivery, and vocal performance are on point.  He bridges potent verses with an effortless hook, using luscious layers and a pitched vocal segment.  Lean is another strong offering from an artist who is creating at a tenacious pace.  

Katori Walker has kicked off his 2023 campaign with an impressive duo of songs.  Last week’s soulful What it Costs coupled with this week’s uplifting offering is setting the stage for a year filled with dope new music for one of the West Coast’s most promising talents.