Jack Carenza - December 27, 2022

Kota the Friend Back with Potent New Single ‘I’M IT’

Kota the Friend wasted no time following his sold-out Australia tour.  The prolific, independent rapper headed straight to the studio to lay down I’M IT, his latest single which was released last week.

“I’m in a good place and excited about making music. So I couldn’t wait to get back from Australia to get in my studio to create something special,” Kota shared.   I just wanted to drop something special for the true fans and friends that I have around the world, before the year ends. This single describes where I’m at right now during this journey we call life. I’m feeling good about myself and what I’ve accomplished so far as an independent artist.”


I’m It allows Kota the space to attack a stripped-down guitar melody and rolling Lofi-drums.  A format that accentuates his vocal styling and meaningful lyricism.  Thematically, the new single sees Kota in a place that is past controversy and drama free. Instead focusing on self-confidence and the things he expects to accomplish.  

Got a money tree and I water it on the daily/trust my intuition, I go wherever it take me./Polarizing n*gga you finna love me or hate me.”  I’m It is about as accurate a title as a track could have.  As it sees Kota in a place where he accepts who he is, and what he’s built.  These small victories, coupled with family, are all that he needs.

This single serves as a launching point for an expectedly prolific 2023 campaign. Kota will drop Lyrics to Go Volume 4 in January, and his second project with Statik Selektah is also expected in the coming months.  He teased I’m IT and a few other singles on Instagram Live, before inviting Statik Selektah to the live to share one of their collab tracks as well.  

Kota added, “I want fans and friends to walk away with that same feeling of satisfaction about what’s good in their lives. No matter what people say about you, you’re still winning and that’s why people hate. Losers hate to see winners win. Once you learn that, you can laugh in the face of hate because it’s really funny. If you’re being hated on then it means you’re probably winning.”

I’M IT is available as a YouTube Audio track, and on Apple Music. It will soon be joined on all streaming services, and with a vibrant music video.