Jack Carenza - December 30, 2022

Twelve’Len Drops ‘Closer’ Inspired by Feature Film ‘They Cloned Tyrone’

Miami recording artist Twelve’Len released his second single of 2022, titled Closer.  The new drop is inspired by and set to appear in the forthcoming Netflix Film They Cloned Tyrone. 

Cinematic, sensual, and smooth Closer exemplifies Twelve’Len’s innate ability to unify qualities of various genres under one, coherent sound.  From its jarring sax riff to its atmospheric, layered melodies, the beat uplifts Twelve’s velvet vocals. The heavy, intermittent bassline anchors the track and adds palpable tension. 

With alternating synth layers and timely vocal overlay, Closer generates its own mood and aura through sound alone.  Furthermore, Twelve’Len’s vocals and lyricism play directly into that spirit, presenting the bittersweet afflictions of a romance with history.  One with sentiments that transcend the wrongdoings of either partner.  Where sexual chemistry and sensuality make it impossible to move on.  

We so close to the sun, ain’t nowhere else to run, but toward you,” Twelve intones, before falling into the joint’s expressive hook.  

Closer’s dazzling music video also dropped last night, further bolstering the power of the release.  The video accentuates the mood of self-discovery and overcoming amorous obstacles along the way. Check out the music video, directed by frequent Twelve’Len collaborator B Wade.   

Following an impressive sync feature in Issa Rae’s Rap Sh!t, Twelve’Len will be hitting the big screens once again on the back of Closer. Sci-Fi comedy They Cloned Tyrone, is set to reach Netflix in early 2023.  Directed by Juel Taylor and starring Jamie Foxx, the placement will marry Twelve’Len’s rugged brand of R&B with elements of comedic mystery and social commentary from the film.  

In short, a breakout 2023 seems inevitable for Twelve’Len . This limitless potential led his selection as one of our Top 5 Rising Artists of 2022.