Twelve’Len’s ‘Back to You’ Paints Vivid Picture in Issa Rae’s Rap Sh!t

Twelve'Len - Better

Episode 5 of Issa Rae’s new HBO show Rap Sh!t ended ripe with emotions, guided by the sounds of Miami area artist Twelve’Len.  Protagonists Shawna and Mia went through a lot in the episode, from tests of their friendship, to a messy breakup.  Twelve’Len’s Back to You struck just the right chord, with it’s clean chords, and bittersweet messages.

Rap Sh!t Twelve'Len

Issa Rae’s Rap Sh!t soundtrack is ripe with the sounds of Miami.

Why I don’t socialize? Simply I don’t like to/And maybe I don’t like you. Your new friends is new problems./Got new drama and I’m sorry. If I changed it was for the better, didn’t mean to hurt your feelings.” 

Twelve’s luscious vocals echo, hauntingly through the closing credits. Rae and her Music Supervision team at Raedio orchestrated another emotion packed moment.  The soundtrack cameo is a seamless fit, as Twelve’Len’s push to emerge from the Miami scene to a national stage resonates closely with Shawna and Mia’s.

Sharing my art with a show like Rap Sh!t was only natural as Shawna and Mia’s journey reminds me of the efforts it took to break through in the game.  It’s a reflection of what it takes to get to the top.” Twelve’Len

Twelve’Len (pronounced 12-Len) is an independent, multi-talented R&B recording artist from Carol City, FL. Amassing over 20 million streams and 100,000 monthly listeners globally, Twelve has solidified himself as an emerging star in the South Florida scene.  Twelve’Len seamlessly blends elements of soul, rock and R&B to create a sound that is intimate yet impassioned.  His style lent itself perfectly to the timely placement in Rap Sh!t. 

Twelve’Len Back to You

Back to You which features Ryahn and Childish Major is a truly timeless song, found on Twelve’s 2021 album Sugar Hill Express. Backed by somber chords, and a driving drum loop, Twelve’Len uses the backdrop to explore the difficulty of maintaining meaningful relationships.   Childish Major also contributes with a glowing verse of his own.

Outside of his music, Twelve’Len launched the Haloe Blü fashion and culture brand in 2021. H.A.L.O.E, which stands for (Heavens Angels Living On Earth) includes a full clothing line. It is meant to empower local artists to explore their passions while realizing their potential. Twelve’Len is also a dedicated community-builder. He spends countless hours inspiring Miami-area youth to engage with the arts through the lens of their diverse cultures.

As Rap Sh!t continues to follow Shawna and Mia’s ascension to stardom, look for Twelve’Len’s stock to rise just as rapidly.  The Carol City native has another upcoming soundtrack placement in Netflix film They Cloned Tyrone. And next up, an August 19th performance at Chelsea Music Hall in New York City.

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